Our StaySafe cleaning program is our commitment to you. Leveraging Gold Coin Resort’s 26 years of hospitality experience and the strength of our values, we’ve implemented a new, enhanced cleaning program to protect what has always been true to our hears – the health, safety and well-being of our guests and associates.

Pre-arrival Contactless Check-in/out

  • Contactless Check-in, pre-arrival registration & key collection upon arrival
  • Contactless Check-out, settling bill via online payment.

Smart Guest Transfer

  • Sanitization of all luggage and all incoming objects and high-risk touch points
  • Personnel assisting wearing protective gear (mask)
  • Minimal interaction between staff and guests


  • Checking of body temperature on arrival with a Non-contact Clinical Infrared Thermometer Face Masks provided for your use
  • Non-contact welcome by our staff using our signature ‘Namaskara’ greeting
  • Disinfecting all baggage at time of check-in
  • Hand sanitization after luggage delivery

House Keeping

  • Daily health-checks of all the staff.
  • Sanitization of all high-risk touch points in the room prior to check-in
  • All room amenities sanitized in compliance with WHO standards
  • Cleaned rooms are sealed for 24 hours before re-allocation
  • All printed stationary disinfected.
  • AC filters cleaned and disinfected at increased frequency
  • Chlorine and bleach dosage in swimming pools. Monitored and maintained between 1.25 to 1.50 ppm

House Keeping

  • Soiled and clean linen transferred in different hampers to avoid cross contamination
  • Rooms are cleaned and sanitized after every use using hospital-grade disinfectants.
  • Cleaned rooms are sealed for 24 hours before re-allocation
  • Cleaning and Disinfection procedures in compliance with WHO standards
  • Routine Health Checks and Protective masks for our team members

Public Spaces

  • Frequent sanitization of all high-risk touch points in all public spaces
  • Frequent hand sanitization by all staff members
  • Sanitizing stations available for guest use in all public and activity areas
  • Social distancing norms (min 2 meters) between seating in all public areas
  • Social distancing norms (min 2 meters) at the activity areas.


  • Frequent washing and sanitization of the kitchen
  • Restaurant floors mopped using appropriate disinfectant / water above 60 degrees, after every meal period
  • All major touch points in the Restaurants & Bars disinfected every 3 hours
  • Spaced-out seating. and Social distancing norms (min 2 meters) between tables
  • Digital Menus
  • A last minute menu focusing on freshness and zero-waste
  • Enhanced sanitization at dining area and kitchen. Additional protective equipment for the culinary team.

Dedicated Health & Safety Inspector

  • A dedicated health marshal in charge of health and safety compliance