Upasya Wellness Retreat was started in 2007 as Nature Cure Centre, a part of Gold Coins Club & Resort to heal all kinds of chronic diseases using Naturopathy and Ayurveda.

An exclusive centre for Diabetes reversal by healing naturally and holistically was set up in 2019 by using a combination of Ayurveda and modern tech.

We believe that diabetes is not a disease but a disorder, hence it can be reversed by lifestyle changes as well as change in the food we consume.

At our retreat, we use age-old methods of Ayurveda and Yoga with a combination of modern nutrition and dietetics in compliance with the new age tech, which helps us monitor real time glucose levels. Our nutritionists keep an eye on how each and every body is reacting to different kinds of food using the tech. According to this we personalise menus.

Our success rate so far has been above 97% as our program is mostly precision based.

Illness to Wellness

It is a known fact that most of the lifestyle diseases like Heart Disease, Diabetes, Liver Disorders, Hypertension, Lung Failure, Alzheimer, etc can be reversed by leading a healthy lifestyle and by resetting our organ clock.

Pure food and balanced diet plays a very important role in managing, reversing and curing most of these lifestyle disorders.

The food at our resort is not only tasty and healthy, it is customised by calculating your bodies daily units requirements of nutrition, proteins, fats, carbs, fibre and calories.

4 Steps to cure Diabetes / other Lifestyle Diseases

We Understand your diabetic stage and other associated diseases and your present medication.

We correct your food habits and your lifestyle in our 2 weeks retreat program at our wellness centre to cure your diabetes and other connected diseases.
During this 2 weeks retreat, our agri experts offer practical experience in our in house Aquaponic organic farming and our expert chefs teach you more than 100 recipes to support your healthy diet.
Our expert dieticians and doctors closely follow up on your day to day diet plans, activities and lifestyle and guide you till you completely come out of drugs which are poisonous to your body and damaging your metabolism and causing adverse drug reactions.

Farm to Fork

Gold Coins Club & Resort is proud to have developed an on-site aquaponic farm, to procure most of our produce fresh from harvest, grown 100% free of synthetic pesticides and chemicals.

At our experience and research centre, we grow our own food with ground-breaking technology of Aquaponics, in which food is grown 100% organically using fish waste. Moreover, we use only 5% of the water that is used in conventional farming.

Come and enjoy at one of the largest and finest property of Bengaluru with lavish dishes prepared with farm fresh produce from our very own organic cultivation!

Mantra for Healthy Life

“Breathe pure air,
drink potable water,
eat poison-free food –
by default one can be healthy”.

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